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The Siberian Husky Emergency Life Line Fund, Inc.

At this time, our intake is ON HOLD until we have rebuilt our volunteer team to help care for the rescues. We currently have no active volunteers to help care for the current rescues. If you would like to join our team complete our form here! We desperately need your help to continue our work! 


Meet Our adoptables

Nothing is currently on the books, but that can change fast! Right now we are on hold due to a dire need to gather more volunteers to help care for the rescues!

  • At least 1x per week commitment
  • Possible medication administration (via cheese )
  • Being available via text/phone and checking in out when you are finished
  • Good communicator
  • Being gentle, kind, sensitive, and comfortable with animals
  • Double checking water before leaving

What does volunteering entail?

  • Giving each husky play times and interacting with them
  • Cleaning up each huskies kennel 
  • Filling water
  • Feeding
  • Being thorough
  • Honest
  • Minimum of 18 years of age

Find your inner power by helping others

Are you ready to give back? Are you ready for a change this year? Now is the time!


One thing that we can say that we have heard from all of our volunteers here at SHELL Fund is that they really enjoy giving back and giving each husky that extra attention! Our team of volunteers is what keeps us going and without them we simply could not keep doing what we love so much!

The SHELL Fund is always in desperate need of volunteers to help care for the rescues!

The SHELL Fund has a thorough adoption process to ensure the safety and prepairedness for all potential adopters. For more information on our adoptions, process, and application please click below! 

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