1. Initially we always require you fill out our adoption application. Many people inquire about our policy regarding fenced in yards. We will say we do not have a policy that fits 100% of our adoptable dogs. Some of our huskies can clear a 6ft fence in one jump and thus, they will not necessarily require a fenced in yard. A fenced in yard is always a big bonus but, in some cases not 100% require.

BUT 9/10 we will NOT adopt out to families that live in apartments due to many issues with noise complaints, huskies becoming destructive due to not getting enough exercise, etc...

2. Once you have completed the application we will be in touch with you within 2-3 days.

3. If your application is approved we will schedule a time for you to come visit with the rescue with all members of your family and any other dogs that you have. This is required for all members and dogs to come.

4. If this goes well we will move forward and schedule a home check, pending the check goes well we can start directly into the home trial. The home trial typically is about 1 week long. In this time period I ask for updates on how the husky is doing and if any problems arise we are here to help in any way that we can.

5. Following the home trial, if all goes well we can move forward with finalizing the adoption and you will receive all of his vet paperwork that we have!  

It is very important to realize, that when finalizing you are signing a legally binding contract that clearly states, if at anytime we have concerns that the husky is being neglected/abused, you must schedule a time within 48 hours to meet with us. If we feel this is the case, you have violated the adoption agreement, and we do have the right/authority to take the husky back into rescue. Although we adopt the huskies out, we never stop caring, or wanting to ensure their safety, and well-being.

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